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Professional Fireplace & Wood Stove Services in Peterborough

At Northern Wood Heat Consultants, we know that an effective chimney cleaning service is not only brushing the flue but also cleaning the entire chimney and doing a thorough safety inspection. We also provide a variety of other services to keep your fireplaces and wood stove in good working condition. Our trained and certified technicians can cater to your custom projects as well. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Northern Wood Heat Consultants has been providing exceptional chimney, fireplace & wood stove restoration services in Peterborough, with exceptional customer care!

Our professionals are trained to do a thorough inspection of the chimney before they start working. This helps us identify problems to be fixed or repaired in time without causing expensive repairs in the future. Regular maintenance and repair help you save money as problems are fixed before any serious consequences occur. Our WETT-certified team offers the following services:

Comprehensive chimney cleaning

Complete restoration

System analysis and consultation

Woodstove, fireplaces, installation and repair

Chimney maintenance and repair

Insurance repair

Real estate and inspection work

Masonry repair

Close-up of a chimney on the roof

Improve Chimney Efficiency with Thorough Chimney Cleaning

We recommend a thorough inspection and chimney cleaning, if necessary, before you light your system every fall and winter. Flammable creosote can build up inside the chimney of wood stoves and fireplaces depending on the moisture content of the wood and the way the appliance is operated. This build-up can lead to chimney fire putting the lives of your loved ones at risk. Cleaning helps in getting rid of this build-up. Inspecting and servicing the chimney regularly also helps ensure the safety of your family.

Timely repairs help in extending the life of the equipment and preventing fire hazards. Contact us to schedule an inspection of your chimney or fireplace so that you can safely use your fireplace.


Have a Cracked or Broken Chimney?

We can fix every issue including broken tiles, deteriorating mortar, cracking chimney crown and more.

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